Ten-Thousandth Patient Milestone

The Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point (ASC) reached a major milestone in performing surgery on their 10,000th patient. The surgical center is one of 5,800 ambulatory surgical centers across the country performing an estimated 30 million procedures nationwide. This is phenomenal for an industry that started a mere 50 years ago. Ten-thousand patients is…
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Surgical Center Adds Orthopedic Providers

We are excited to welcome Orthopedic Surgeons: Dr. Marcus Haemmerle, Dr. Joshua Troyer, and Dr. Todd Williams to the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point. Meet all of our orthopedic providers from Stevens Point Orthopedics:  Dr.  Marcus Haemmerle Dr. Joshua Troyer Dr. David Henneghan Dr. James Banovetz Dr. Todd Williams Dr. Thomas Guse
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