Your Anesthesia


Your physician and/or anesthesiologist will discuss with you the appropriate types of anesthesia for you and your type of surgery.


There are several types of anesthesia.


General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is administered either through an intravenous medication or inhaled gases that will produce a state of unconsciousness.  You will not be aware or feel discomfort during the surgery.   Recovery times usually range from 1-3 hours.


          Monitored Anesthesia Care

You will be given sedation intravenously to help you relax, and a local anesthetic medicine will be administered into the surgical area.  You will feel little, if any discomfort.  Recovery times are usually about 1 hour.

Spinal Anesthesia/Nerve Block

A local anesthetic is injected that results in numbness.  Intravenous sedation may also be administered with this type of anesthesia to help you relax.  Recovery times usually range from 1-3 hours.

Local Anesthesia

A local anesthetic injection creates numbness in the surgical area of the body.  You should feel no discomfort after the anesthetic is administered or during your surgery.