Todd A. Fairchild M.D.

Waypoint Spine
520 Vincent Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgery
Spine Specialty

Dr. Todd A. Fairchild is an orthopaedic spine surgeon at Waypoint Spine.  He graduated from Harvard College with a degree in economics and received his medical degree from Yale. Dr. Fairchild completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University of Iowa, followed by a fellowship at Twin Cities Spine Center in Minneapolis, a nationally recognized center of excellence in spine surgery. After fellowship, Dr. Fairchild moved to central Wisconsin to form his practice and to enjoy the abundant seasonal activities with his wife and three sons.

Only a small fraction of Dr. Fairchild’s patients with back or neck problems will ever need a spine operation. Many surgeons who operate on the spine will “fix” the most evident anatomic problem on an x-ray or MRI. Unfortunately, such an approach can result in a bad outcome for the patient. As a spine doctor, Dr. Fairchild’s job is to listen to patients and then educate them regarding their condition and find ways to relieve pain or discomfort. Dr. Fairchild says "I treat all patients how I want my family to be treated. I first sit down with patients and try to figure out how they can maximize non-operative treatment and AVOID surgery. If all non-operative treatments have failed and if I am able to clearly identify the anatomic abnormality causing pain, I discuss the risk and benefits of spine surgery. If we proceed with surgery, I utilize the most modern techniques and instrumentation, including minimally invasive procedures."

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