National APEX Quality Award 2013/2014

We are pleased to announce we have received Voyance’s 2013/2014 National APEX Quality Award for the second year in a row!We benchmark our patient satisfaction with 900 outpatient healthcare facilities nationwide and achieving this distinction recognizes our commitment to excellence in patient care and satisfaction. We are one of 90 winners representing the top 10%. According to Paul Faraclas, MBA HCM, President & CEO of Voyance, “attaining this recognition has become incredibly competitive. The tight margin of making it into our top decile requires a track record of delivering stellar experience throughout the year.” Beverly Sirvio, Nurse Manager says “We are both privileged and pleased to have achieved this award for the second year in a row.” “It is a testament to the quality people we have working for us and the quality of care we provide” said John Fuller, MD.