Joint Replacements

Outpatient Joint Replacement at the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point

The Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point was our community’s first medical facility to provide advanced joint replacements in an outpatient setting.

The orthopedic surgeons from Stevens Point Orthopedics have partnered with the extremely competent and compassionate team at the ASC, making it the preferred choice of many people who are in search of a joint replacement procedure. If you are considering a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement consider the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point. Here’s why:

  • The procedure is personalized to you – This is not a one-procedure fits all surgery. There are factors to consider, for example, your past medical history, your current activity level, and age. It is our goal for you to have a successful outcome so you can resume your normal activities as pain free as possible. The surgeons at Stevens Point Orthopedics will create a treatment plan that is personalized for you and your life style.
  • The ASC has partnered with Stevens Point Orthopedics to provide patients with a Joint Journey. Through Stevens Point Orthopedics you are put into contact with their joint coordinator who guides patients through the entire process. This individual answers questions, walks you through pre-surgical exercises and assures there is a solid understanding even before undergoing the surgical experience.
  • A joint replacement is all about movement – being able to move better and with less pain. The sooner you can re-establish movement in your new joint, the better.  Patients have surgery and then start physical therapy on the same day, starting the journey back to activity.
  • Our patients are able to return home safely on the same day as their surgery. Having a joint replacement at the ASC means receiving you will receive one on one nursing care and support. Our patients safely and confidently return to the comfort of their own home on the same day as their procedure, immediately starting their recovery journey.


Procedures Include:

What types of joint replacement surgery do you perform?
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Shoulder Replacement
Is it safe to have this surgery in an outpatient facility?

YES, it is a safe. We use the same state of the art equipment and we have the same trained competent staff and anesthesia support that is used in other health care settings.

Can anyone have a joint replacement at your surgical center?

No, we are careful with our patient selection. You must meet certain surgeon specific criteria and your insurance company must allow this as well. If you are interested, contact our surgical center at 715-345-0500 and we can assist you with determining if you meet the specific criteria and if your insurance company will allow this.

Will it cost me less to have it done in your facility?

Yes, but we want you to determine this for yourself. Ask for an out of pocket quote to have it done at our facility and compare this to a quote from any other health care setting. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Will I go home on the same day of my surgery?

Yes, you are expected to go home on the day of surgery.

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