Spine Procedures at the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point

The Ambulatory Surgical Center of Stevens Point has partnered with Dr. Potocki, from Stevens Point Orthopedics, to perform outpatient spine procedures at the surgical center.

You may be a good candidate for spine surgery if:

  • Medications, corticosteroid injections, activity modifications and physical therapy/chiropractic care haven’t been effective for relieving pain or improving mobility.
  • You’re experiencing signs of nerve compression or damage, like muscle weakness, numbness, and arm or leg pain from a herniated disc or spinal stenosis.
  • Spinal stenosis symptoms prevent you from performing your daily activities, or you’ve noticed a decline in function of your arms or legs.
  • You have a herniated disc that isn’t healing or sacroiliac joint problems that won’t improve.

In these cases, a surgical evaluation with Dr. Potocki at Stevens Point Orthopedics should be considered.

Procedures Include:

Is it safe to have this surgery in an outpatient facility?

YES, it is a safe. We use the same state of the art equipment and we have the same trained competent staff and anesthesia support that is used in other health care settings.

Can anyone have a spine surgery at your surgical center?

No, we are careful with our patient selection. You must meet certain surgeon specific criteria and your insurance company must allow this as well. If you are interested, contact our surgical center at 715-345-0500 and we can assist you with determining if you meet the specific criteria and if your insurance company will allow this.

Will I go home on the same day of my surgery?

Yes, you are expected to go home on the day of surgery.

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