$10,000 donated to Operation Bootstrap by Surgical Center!

On January 8, 2015 ASC employees and Owners provided a charitable donation of $10,000 to Operation Bootstrap. The $10,000 charitable donation correlates with the 10,000 surgical cases since opening in 2006. The ASC employees and owners wanted to find a way to say thank you to the community that has been so generous in supporting their success and this was the perfect opportunity. The employees and owners collectively set a goal in early December to reach $10,0000 to correlate with the 10,000 surgical case milestone. They reached their goal by the end of December just in time for the annual fund raising campaign of Operation Bootstrap. The ASC choose Operation Bootstrap because of their commitment to the needy of Portage County. Operation Bootstrap is more than a food bank. They provide when needed a month’s rent or mortgage, prescriptions, gas for a working person’s vehicle, etc. They receive no taxpayer money through the government and the vast majority of the donations go directly to help needy people in Portage County. The 2014 closure of Copps/Roundy’s grocery warehouse located in Stevens Point, WI created an additional financial burden on their operations because they would regularly supply them with grocery donations. When this source of donations ended, it created an even greater need at Operation Bootstrap. There employees and owners felt a great sense of pride in being able to help Operation Bootstrap with its community efforts. Several representatives from the ASC met with Roseann DeBot, Operations Director of Operation Bootstrap on January 8th to present her with the donation.

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