Partial Knee Replacement

Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement

There are many reasons for a damaged knee including suffering from osteoarthritis; however you don’t have to live with knee pain for the rest of your life. A Partial Knee Replacement can reduce joint pain. Osteoarthritis of the knee occurs predominantly in the medial (inside) compartment of the knee since this is the side of the knee that bears most of the weight. Unlike a total knee replacement, the Partial Knee Replacement, restores the most arthritic compartment of the knee and keeps the remainder of the knee intact. By retaining all of the normal knee ligaments and other joint surfaces, the knee regains normal motion and function.

Advancements in joint surgery have resulted in the migration of the uni-compartmental knee to the outpatient surgery center for patients who meet specific criteria. This option provides a significant cost savings to the patient as well as the insurance company while promoting high quality and safe care.

THE PROCEDURE: The procedure takes about 2-3 hours. You will be placed under general anesthesia and sleep through your surgery. The medial compartment of the knee is removed and replaced with a new component.

AFTER THE PROCEDURE: You will be given pain medication and an antibiotic to prevent infection. Patients are able to stand and walk within a few hours after surgery. At discharge, most patients will be walked across the hall to Physical Therapy and then go home from there.

RECOVERY TIME: Most partial knee surgery patients can resume their normal activities within a few months. Your surgeon will discuss this specifically with you.

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